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Roll Off Dumpster Rental Mt. Pleasant TX

NETX Dumpster Rentals is the premier dumpster rental company serving Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas such as Millers Cove, Talco, Winfield, Argo, Blodgett, Bridges Chapel, Center Grove, Cookville, Farmers Academy, Gladewater, Green Hill, Liberty Hill, Lone Star, Maple Springs, Marshall Springs, Midway, Monticello, Old Union, Roeder, West Midway, West New Hope, White Oak, White Oak Springs, Wilkinson, and everywhere in between! Our roll off dumpsters are specifically designed for those big projects such as a total house cleanout, new building construction, new house construction, construction cleanup, brush cleanup, and so much more!

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What Mt. Pleasant TX Individuals Benefit from Roll Off Rentals?

Property Owners of Mt. Pleasant Texas: As a property owner you may have a project where you do not want to burn all your debris on-site whether it is due to you being in the city limits, you do not want to deal with the mess of a pile of ashes, or you simply do not want to take a chance on burning something else down! Well, do we have the solution for you. We specialize in the delivery of roll off dumpsters that can easily be used to cleanup all your debris by loading everything into the dumpster. When your rental time is up, or you simply just fill the dumpster, we come pick it up and carry all your debris worries away with us.

Mount Pleasant Texas Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Contractors of Mt. Pleasant Texas: As a contractor, you are going to have a mess when building a new house, replacing a roof, remodeling a property or whatever the case may be. With this mess comes the responsibility on your behalf to clean it up for the property owner. Call NETX Dumpster Rentals to find the solution you are looking for. We are the number one price and service wise taking care of Mt. Pleasant. Why would you be over charged by the other companies for the EXACT same service? This trash ends up in the same place no matter what, so call us to get it taken care of!

Mt. Pleasant Real Estate Agents: ATTENTION ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS! Are you trying to get a property moved for a client, but there is too much junk for anyone to pay attention to the actual property? Well, might we suggest a solution. A dumpster rental! Our dumpsters are designed to hold a whole lot of junk, and it will be the most cost-effective and time-effective way to get your clients property cleaned up!

Why Mt. Pleasant Dumpster Rentals are so Popular

Ease of Disposal: When we drop off a dumpster, you and your crew will find it so easy to load everything into one of our large bins. Are you having to carry heavy items to the dumpster and unable to throw it over the side rails? No problem. Just open the doors in the rear and walk right on in with the item. That is the awesome thing about these dumpsters. They are so easy to use no matter the situation. We are also able to get them into almost any area to make sure it is out of your way enough to get your job done, but close enough to load!

Reduce Fire Hazards: When doing a project whether it be a house cleanout, building project, or total remodel, there always seems to be a draw to burning as much debris as possible. However, with this comes the risk of an out-of-control fire or a big ticket from the governing authority. How about you let us help you avoid this issue. Just call us for a roll off dumpster rental, and we can get you taken care of. It is a lot better to let the professionals handle the junk removal rather than taking a chance on an out-of-control fire!

Professional Dumpster Service in Mt. Pleasant

Control and Reduce Pest Populations: This reason for dumpster popularity is a big one. When you think of a big pile of trash whether it be brush, furniture, or construction materials what do you think of? Snakes, bugs, rodents, and all other critters come to mind for us! Instead of putting off getting that junk removed from your yard, why don’t you call the pros to handle it for you? We at NETX Dumpster Rentals would love to have the opportunity to better serve you.

Need to Knows for Our Mt. Pleasant Dumpsters

How Much Can Fit: We currently have 15 and 16 cubic yard dumpsters that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 4 tons of debris. You may be wondering what the heck makes 2 tons of debris? Well, the best way to think about it is in terms of something everyone can pretty well relate to such as a truck bed. One of our dumpsters can comfortably fit approximately 9 standard truck bed loads worth of material. Now in terms of tons, it will depend on the type of material being placed in the dumpster. If you are placing bulky items such as furniture or odd shaped debris, you can expect a lighter load. However, if you are placing something such as bricks, dirt, or anything of the like you can expect a much heavier load going to the dump. Since we are charged by the ton to dump at the landfill, we charge our customers by the ton. That being said, it is always good to be mindful of the type of material you are putting into our dumpsters, so you will not be shocked at the dump fee.

What Can Go in a Mt. Pleasant Dumpster: The better question to ask is what can NOT go in a dumpster. There are not too many items that are prohibited from going in our dumpsters, but the list is as follows: excess amounts of dirt, any amount of paint, any items containing CFCs, any vehicle fluids including but not limited to oil, gas, diesel, transmission fluid, any large appliances including but not limited to water heaters, refrigerators, washers, drying machines, and the like. Last but not least, concrete. Now you may be thinking, “Wow that is a whole lot of ‘do nots’ for these dumpsters”. Really, that is not too long of a list. There are multiple other ways that are EPA approved to dispose of these prohibited materials. Do your research and make sure to dispose of them properly! A lot of items you can even scrap to make a little money instead of paying it!

What are The Standard Procedures to Renting a Dumpster in Mt. Pleasant: We make the experience for renting a dumpster extremely painless both on your mental game and your pocket book. The first step is to reach out to us whether it be by submitting one of our contact forms or giving us an old fashioned phone call. Next, you will get to decide what size dumpster will accommodate your needs. We currently offer 15 and 16 yard containers, but we will be adding 21 cubic yard containers to our fleet in the near future. Once we get that sorted, we will need to setup a date for delivery. We are typically pretty booked up, so setting a date on this initial phone call will keep you from wasting time waiting around. In order to set a date, we require pre-payment for the dumpster. This insures we are not holding a dumpster for a specific date to have someone cancel on us. Our pre-payment is non-refundable at $150. Now that we have a date set, you just wait for the day to roll around, and we will get the dumpster dropped off! You fill it up or let your rental time lapse, and we will pick up the unit. If you are renting for a week, but fill the bin up in two days, just give us a call, and we will send a truck to get the dumpster. Let us know if you are wanting to get the dumpster back, and we will work something out with you. The final step is to leave us a review on Google! All reviews help us to become better as a company. We want to do our best to be the best. Letting everyone else know through a review is a good way to make sure a good company is able to grow!

What Can I do if I am Unsure of an Item: Are you worried you may be putting something in the dumpster that does not belong? No worries! We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the dumpster. Give us a ring, and we will answer your questions with speed!

Why Choose Us

Why choose us? Well, the answer is simple. NETX Dumpster Rentals is the most experienced and dependable roll off dumpster rental company in the Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma area. We will make sure to deliver a quality service at an affordable price. Call us today!

Who We Are

NETX Dumpster Rentals is a family owned business located in Paris Texas. We take great pride in the service we provide to our clients!

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We at NETX Dumpster Rental are here for you every day of the week to provide you with a quote for your upcoming project. Do not hesitate to call today!

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Residential Services

Are you in need of Residential dumpster services in the Mt. Pleasant Texas area? Look no further because you have found the best choice for your needs!

Commercial Services

Bringing professionalism to the commercial dumpster industry is what we do best. We are able to deliver all your dumpster needs right to the jobsite!

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Do not wait any longer trying to find the right dumpster company Mt. Pleasant can provide. NETX Dumpster Rentals is where it is at!

Some Locations We Serve


NETX Dumpster Rentals proudly serves the area of Paris Texas and Lamar county as a whole. Contact us today to request a quote for all your dumpster needs!


We know all too well how underserved Red River county is when it comes to dumpster solutions. That is why we are here to save the day. Contact us for your dumpster needs!

Sulphur Springs

Are you in the middle of a house cleanout in Sulphur Springs? Maybe you are in the middle of a construction project. Whatever the case, let us help with the dumpster!


We are proud to serve the entire Sherman and Grayson county area. Are you looking for a roll off dumpster? It’s a good thing you found NETX Dumpster Rentals!


Are you getting ready to get started on a house cleanout in Bonham? Maybe you are in the beginning stages of a construction project. Whatever the case, call us for dumpster needs!


Get ready Greenville because NETX Dumpster Rentals is here to serve you and all your dumpster needs. Reach out to us today to get bnooked for a roll off dumpster rental!


Durant Oklahoma! NETX Dumpster Rentals is here to serve you and all your roll off dumpster needs. Reach out to us today to get on the books for a drop off!

Mount Pleasant

Serving Mt. Pleasant Texas is our bread and butter. If you are in need of a dumpster in the Mount Pleasant area, call NETX Dumpster today!


They go, you go, we all go to Hugo! That includes NETX Dumpster Rentals as well! Call us for all your upcoming roll off dumpster rental needs!

Broken Bow

There is a LOT of building going on around Hochatown and Broken Bow. Why not call NETX Dumpster Rentals today to get that rental taken care of to clean up that project!

If you do not see your location, there is no need to worry! Just reach out to us to find out if we serve your area. If you are within a couple hours of Paris, there is a great chance we will still bring you a dumpster!

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